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Perfect Description of Maureen Dowd

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From Salon:

On the surface, Sunday’s “A Nope for Pope” looks like just another Maureen Dowd column. There is rhyming. There is a simple solution (make a woman the Pope) to a complex issue (child molestation and corruption in the Catholic Church) that does not quite satisfy.

I hate Maureen Dowd’s columns for this exact reason. Her lack of intellectual depth shows in her lame writing. All she writes is feel-good articles that do nothing, say nothing, and mean nothing. She should be fired.

I think the same applies to David Brooks, though with less relevancy. Occasionally, he writes something brilliant, but then follows that up with a series of lame articles of zero substance where he tries to describe the emotional state of the “average American,” as usual with zero evidence. He’s like an armchair sociologist and psychologist, an uneducated practitioner of a soft and illegitimate science, confusing his own biases with that of Americans.


Written by notatypewriter

2010 March 30 at 2:36 pm

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