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Quiznos on Craig Math Fail #fb

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I was at the Quiznos near CMU on Craig St today and noticed their 2 for $5 deal. For $5, you get to choose two items from their list of 20 items, which includes 7 salads, 5 Bullets, 4 Sammies, and 4 soups. From this menu, Quiznos says you can make over 250 combinations. But they’re wrong!

Over 250 combinations

The actual number of combinations is {20 \choose 2} + 20 = 210. {20 \choose 2} is for the number of combinations of distinct items and the final 20 is for the number of choices where you get two of the same item.

I think I know why they say 250 though. The official Quiznos menu has 23 items, for a total of 253 combinations. Quiznos franchises must source promotional material from Quiznos corporate, which prints everything up and assumes the 23 items.

This isn’t as satisfying as catching Quiznos in a fail-moment, but it serves to prove that math is useful!

Thanks to Alan and Kevin for some math help. (Alan uses pirates and gold, but I like my reasoning better.)


Written by notatypewriter

2010 April 7 at 5:49 pm

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  1. The whole Quiznos business model is a failure. Are you surprised they also cannot add? Do not be. The whole persona of that home corporation is based on deceit and double talk. We had 12 stores in our city in August 2009. In April 2010 there are 2. To hear that Quiznos advertised something that is not completely accurate is not a surprise.

    Ex Owner

    2010 April 14 at 2:10 pm

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