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Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on a T61p Install Notes

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Lucid Lynx Release Notes

Turn off Synaptic install recommends.

Partition setup: Two encrypted physical volumes using dm-crypt, then LVM using those two PVs with several LVs containing several ext4 partitions, each mounted with several options. TODO: try using LVM, then encrypt the resulting LV, then partition the encrypted device as usual

Grub2 got installed to /dev/sda, which was my Ultrabay removable hard drive. Had to install Grub2 to /dev/sdb with sudo grub-install –root-directory=/ /dev/sdb

Switched to Human theme by installing human-theme. (Both the Light and Dark themes are extremely ugly. The lack of shadows between windows means each windows’ title bars blend into each other, making it difficult to discern which title bar belongs to which window. Dark red on black is impossible to read on a low brightness LCD screen.)

Install Nvidia binary drivers, which exposes a problem in the Plymouth boot screen being of extremely low resolution. Several solutions at Ubuntu forums. Solution #35 happened to work.

GOTCHA: The text based address bar is missing in Nautilus. It’s hidden behind a Crtl+L, kind of like in Chrome. I like it. See this post.

Boot options: nospash and turn off quiet.

Enable Metacity compositing and disable Compiz

TODO: Test 802.11n with WPA2-AES and stability, and if necessary, install backports

Right Alt key does not work in Firefox or for bringing up the application launcher. solution at Ubuntu forums.

Install Gnome Do. Installed Cairo Dock instead. Gnome-Do and Docky was impossible to figure out.

Restore previous settings and programs: Pidgin (+profile), SMplayer, Firefox (+profiles), Chromium (+profile), byobu …

Set ntp to

Fuck vim-tiny. Get real vim.

Missing icons in menus. I have no clue why they did this. Those icons were much easier to remember than words. Solution

Enable Control+Alt+Backspace.

Enable notifications of updates

Might be experiencing this issue of dropped USB mouse inputs.


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2010 May 25 at 12:27 am

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Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) finally wrote something comprehensible.

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.Roger Ebert, in his usual long-winded self, finally wrote something that I found comprehensible, even enjoyable to read, though long. He wrote about the how the web destroyed the film critic business, mostly by destroying newspapers’ revenue streams, but enhanced greatly the art of film criticism by lowering the costs of publication to widen the pool of non-professional[1] film critics.

He’s¬†definitely¬†right. But writing about things I agree with is boring, so why am I writing about this?

He wrote one paragraph on a potential future of newspapers, but sadly didn’t elaborate on this more.

In the vast sea of the internet, readers need brands to help them navigate. The Chicago Sun-Times is a successful brand.

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2010 May 1 at 12:06 pm

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