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Inception: A-. An original script with nonstop action. Nolan is a god. #fb

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Usually I just do Tweets for my movie reviews, but I feel the awesome is so overflowing in this movie that I need to comment on it at length. Also spoiler warning.

First, Ellen Page is the cutest woman ever. She’s absolutely lovely.

Second, this movie breaks all the traditional script techniques. Usually there is the rising action and then the hero fails. Then, his conscience/girl getting captured forces him to come back to the fight, and the action rises again until the climax and then it’s over. Nolan is such a baller, he doesn’t need to string along the audience with this bullshit. The opening sequence is the classic cold opening, to cause a lot of questions to be raised in the audience’s mind about the movie’s reality, which are then answered over the next 30 (?) minutes. Basically, the purpose is to draw the audience into the movie’s world. From then on, it’s non-stop action and suspense. There’s no let-down. There’s no release of tension in preparation for the climax. It’s just one two-hour-long session of mounting pleasure until the end of the movie.

Third, the action and special effects were fucking amazing. The shifting “gravity” fighting scenes were so well shot and well done. The way the actors walked across walls and and flew in awkward ways looked so seamless. I thought the hotel scenes basically outclassed the awesome shooting done in the snow fortress scenes.

Third, science! So my friend disputes that this was actually science, but screw that. So here’s the scene. So in order to wake somebody up from a dream, you have to cause the to feel like they’re falling. Arthur’s plan was to blow a hole in the floor so that the dreamers in the room above him would fall down. Makes sense. Then The Chemist triggers his part early, so Arthur had to move the schedule up. However, the Chemist’s part involved driving them off a bridge into water. But since they’re falling, the dream world goes weightless (you feel weightlessness when you’re in a free fall), so blowing up the floor wouldn’t do crap to the dreamers. So Arthur is like “oh fuck me! how do I wake them up?” He gets the ingenious idea of putting the dreamers into an elevator car and then causing the elevator to fall. THAT SHIT IS CLASSIC PHYSICS I. SCIENCE SAVES THE DAY BITCHES.

Fourth, did you know Nolan wrote this shit himself and then directed it.

Fifth, the music was great. It built up the action really well and basically followed the script. It should win a Best Supporting Actor award for that. It really was that awesome.

Sixth, fuck you Nolan for that cliche ending. Seriously, pick a side, we’re at war.

Seventh, I think Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, and Ken Watanabe were under utilized in this movie. Then again, there were already a bunch of good actors.

One shots:

  • There was a trailer for a horror film called The Devil. The trailer promoted the film well. It had 5 people standing an elevator like any normal day, and then all of a sudden it stops. Then one by one, each person gets injured. Shit is going down. Then, you see M Night Shyamalan’s name pop up on screen. And the entire theater busts out laughing. Dude is a joke now.
  • The dreamer’s subconscious is getting suspicious, so Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) tells the Architect (Ellen Page) to kiss him. Arthur: “It was worth a try.”
  • I take back everything bad I said about DiCaprio. He was always a good actor, but my hatred of Titanic has blinded me for so long. I’m very sorry for all those bad things I said about him.

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2010 July 17 at 1:33 am

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