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Debian Squeeze and Jetway NF76-N1GL-LF and Jetway ADPE4S daughterboard Experiences

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For a NAS I’m building, I got a Jetway NF76-N1GL-LF motherboard with a ADPE4S daughterboard that adds an additional 4 SATA ports. I wanted a VIA processor to take advantage of Padlock while keeping power consumption low.

I chose to throw on Debian Squeeze x86_64 even though it’s in beta so I could use ext4. Squeeze uses kernel version

Turns out it doesn’t boot on my processor. In order to boot I had to update to BIOS version A06 and use idle=halt boot parameter. See the Red Hat bugzilla and the LKML.

Additionally, the pata_marvell driver that Debian loads to handle the Marvell 88SE6145 chipset on the ADPE4S daughterboard, based on what I’ve read, seems like it was written for PATA and not for SATA. In order to get this hardware to work, I had to blacklist the pata_marvell driver and set an option for the ahci driver to enable support for the Marvell chipset. See the Debian wiki.

Padlock acceleration doesn’t seem to work. When I dd /dev/zero to an encrypted partition it still generated a huge amount of CPU usage and hdparm speeds didn’t seem all that different when I unloaded padlock_aes. I couldn’t test using OpenSSL because Debian’s version of OpenSSL on x86_64 didn’t compile in support for the Padlock device. Whatever.


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2011 January 12 at 7:16 pm

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