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Apparently @TomCoburn supports PETA #trollin

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Yes, it’s a deliberately trollish title.

But like PETA, Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma, spends a lot of time denouncing pork in a daily online publication he calls the “pork report”. But unlike PETA, who’s naked activism is quite welcomed in my sight, I daresay Coburn should keep his wrinkly old ass clothed.

I am inspired by this NPR report and then outraged by Coburn’s spokesman’s amazingly boorish, lunkheaded, and intellectually deficient response:

John Hart, a Coburn spokesperson, said in an email that “our report never claimed all the money was spent on shrimp on a treadmill. The scientists doth protest too much. Receiving federal funds is a privilege, not a right. If they don’t want their funding scrutinized, don’t ask.”

 I decided to look at what Coburn thinks is improper government spending in his daily pork report.

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2011 August 23 at 8:47 pm

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Lessons learned: Air drying clothes

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I heard that clothes last longer when you don’t run them through the dryer, not to mention saving on dryer costs. So I decided to try air drying this week’s load of laundry using an IKEA Antonius drying rack (a cinch to assemble). As with most things, theory != practice.

Lesson 1: Volume blows

Hanging clothes on a drying rack is a lot of work! Not only is it physical labor, but there’s also an element of planning involved. One must attempt to fit all the clothes on the rack but also optimize for maximal airflow between the items to decrease drying times and prevent mold (!) from growing on the clothes. (I don’t know what mildew looks or smells like on clothes. I’ve seen it in books…)

To relieve this, I don’t think I’ll try to dry all of my two weeks’ worth of clothes at once. I also noticed half of the space taken up on the rack was socks, underwear, and undershirts, all of which I don’t really care about since they’re so cheap (except for about half of my underwear). Instead, I’ll only air dry the clothes I truly care about like my graphic t-shirts, polos, and jeans.

Lessons to be learned

Since my clothes are still drying right now, I have no clue how wrinkled these clothes will become. For all of my t-shirts I gave them a shake or two and then hung them up and it looks like it’s pretty wrinkle free for now

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2011 August 16 at 11:04 pm

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Things I learned today: apt, cron, and unattended-upgrades

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Today, I noticed my dad’s desktop was not updating Flash, Chrome, Java, and other high-risk items, which was odd because I use unattended-upgrades on that computer. The last time I logged in was a few months ago, so… yeah. Pretty bad. For example, Flash version was at and the current version is Chrome was at version 11.0.696.68-r84545 (released 2011 May 13) and the current stable version is 13.0.782.107-r94237 (released 2011 August 2). The installed Java was 6.24 and the current version is 6.26. So, security holes galore.

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2011 August 4 at 11:36 pm

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