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Reviews of two more chairs

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I went down to Design Within Reach to check out one more chair, the Knoll Generation. I also saw the Eames Lounge Chair and I could not resist trying it out. Please check out my previous review of about ten other office chairs.

The store is quite a drive from here, so to be really honest, I just wanted to get out and see Bethesda, since I’ve never been. It’s a pretty rich place (saw numerous Benz AMGs, Porsches, a Maybach dealership, and one Maserati) and the people are angry angry drivers. I don’t remember when I’ve ever heard more honking, even in NYC. Nevertheless, Bethesda is really nice with lots of food around. There is ample parking in downtown and the downtown is very walkable. Great place.

Knoll Generation: This was a pretty comfortable chair but it’s adjustment capabilities seem pretty limited. The rubberized mesh backrest seemed shoddy and there was limited lumbar support. The salesperson said you could buy an additional lumbar thing, but they didn’t have it on so I could not try it.

Eames Lounge Chair: This is such an iconic chair. It’s a piece of art and the look of it conveys a message of seriousness and quiet intensity. It’s a beautiful chair, but how does it sit? To be honest, it’s not the most comfortable thing I’ve sat in. It cradles you, almost like a bucket seat but with no real lumbar support. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking for lumbar support in a lounge chair/recliner, but I’m dubious of it’s comfort for sitting in it for hours while reading a book.

I also don’t think it supported my head.  My notes are a bit fuzzy on this point, so this will require a second look. The pictures of it make it seem like it should be able to…

The armrests aren’t high enough to actually support arms.

But honestly, a chair like this, are you really buying it for real comfort or as a functional art piece? I’d probably spend more time in the task chair and maybe a few hours a week for movies or books sitting in a lounge chair…


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2011 September 10 at 5:54 pm

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