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Alton Brown’s Bacon

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This post summarizes the tips regarding bacon from Good Eats’ Breakfast episode, season 13 episode 7.  You can watch it here: 1, 2, 3

Also of note, Alton Brown’s scrambled eggs recipe. Easy and quick.

Buying bacon

  • Avoid sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate, phosphates, liquid smoke
  • If your grocer has slab bacon (mine doesn’t), ask for a thick cut.
  • Go for center cut, which has less fat.
  • Get bacon that has ‘streaks’ of fat and lean meat
  • Color doesn’t matter. Brown is more likely truly smoked and pink is more likely artificial smoke.
  • Bottom shelf bacon is usually fatty and full of water.
  • Uncured bacon doesn’t use chemical preservatives, but it uses the nitrates found in celery juice.
  • In the show, Alton Brown selected an Oscar Meyer Center Cut bacon.

To cook bacon, I put them on a cold pan on low heat and flip frequently until the fat is translucent. No food poisoning yet!


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