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I went to the Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks game tonight with my good friend Nick. He got us totally awesome fourth row seats in the corner where the Canucks shot twice. Sadly, the Sharks lost in overtime 3-2.

1. Those guys are huge. Like I knew mentally how tall they were, but Jesus, in the flesh they’re massive.

2. Wow this game is fast. It feels much slower on TV because the camera is so far away. I’m able to tell where the action is when watching on TV. Down near the glass it’s a whole different story. I felt pretty lost most of the time (especially when the action is at the other end of the ice) and I’m pretty sure I missed seeing all the goals develop. It’s not just a matter of knowing where the puck is, but knowing where its going to go so you can anticipate the action.

3. There’s so much going on. I’m pretty sure I missed all the penalties. Thank God for replay I suppose.

4. The hits and the shots are hard. I could feel it when pucks hit the glass or the boards. The sound of people getting crunched along the boards reverberated through the floor.

5. The ice is tiny. It seems really huge on TV but it feels pretty small from end to end.

6. It is loud. Ears ringing for some time.

7. The time goes by super quickly. When there was a stoppage in play at about the two minutes remaining mark in the third period, I was like, “already?!”

8. I saw a friend from elementary school working there. People are growing up.

9. Having 30 thoughts is hard. I can see why they pay this guy to do it.

10. Traffic sucks. Good thing I live close enough to be able to avoid using freeways.

11. I felt the Sharks played most of the night in the Canucks zone but the Canucks shots were of much higher quality.

12. Where did this jersey come from?


Written by notatypewriter

2011 December 29 at 2:26 am

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