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Documenting two mattress runs with IHG and Hyatt

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I recently got into the world of travel hacking. One of the techniques these folks use is “mattress running,” where they spend nights at cheap hotels to earn points to spend at expensive hotels. Typically this doesn’t make any sense, but occasionally, hotel chains will offer seasonal promotions that starts to make some sense.

Essentially, you’re buying points with the hotel chain, but with a lot more rigamarole. The usual caveats with points currencies apply, in that you’re exchanging the flexibility of hard currency with hotel currency that they can re-value at any time they want.

In order to do this, you have to find a cheap hotel to stay at. I live in the DC area, where there are a lot of hotels in business areas that have cheap rates. The two areas I look at for this area are the Dulles and Gaithersburg areas for weekend nights. I haven’t yet found a good area for weeknights, so if you know of anything, please leave a comment or shoot me a DM on Twitter (@ENOTTY).

I try to make these mattress runs a sort-of “staycation” so I feel like I get a little more out of these stays. By staying in the Dulles area, I’ve been able to visit some sights that I’ve wanted to see, such as Udvar-Hazy (free + $15 for parking) and the NRA musuem (free). When I stayed in Gaithersburg, I had a great time learning about Civil War battle tactics at Monocacy National Battlefield (free).

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2015 July 24 at 8:24 pm

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