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Okay IHG mattress run opportunity on Labor Day weekend

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Across the DC region, rates for IHG hotel rooms on Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend have fallen into the $60s and $70s.

By combining two promotions from IHG, you can earn 11,000 bonus points, along with whatever points you’d normally earn from hotel spend. You should also be able to combine this with 6% cashback from Mr. Rebates.

I’ll break down the numbers after the break.

Bonus points:

  • IHG Share Forever promotion (Stay 1 night) – 500 points to you, 500 points to share (to yourself) after staying 1 night
  • IHG Accelerate promotion (September Bonus Play) – 5,000 points after staying 1 night in September
  • IHG Accelerate promotion (Stay Once Get 5,000) – 5,000 points after staying 1 night
    • Note the Accelerate hurdles are tailored to the member, but I seem to have gotten the most common one.
  • Total bonus: 11,000 points

I got a nearby hotel for $72 (and $9.36 in taxes) for one night. That earns 720 base points. My Spire status earns another 720 points. If I put this spend on a IHG credit card, it earns about 407 points.

Combined with a 6% cashback rebate from Mr. Rebates, I earn 12,846 points for $78.11, or 0.61 cents per point (c/pt).

I could have done better if I was willing to travel further to hotels near Dulles that were in the $60s. But travel conflicts forced me to pick a hotel that was closer.

Bloggers typically value IHG points between 0.5 c/pt to 0.7 c/pt (OMAT, TPG, FM). From its data, Hotel Hustle finds that IHG points are worth on average 0.65 c/pt.

So while this isn’t a fantastic value, it could be worth it for some folks. Plus, some of these hotels include free breakfast.


Written by notatypewriter

2015 August 31 at 7:00 pm

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