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Apparently @TomCoburn supports PETA #trollin

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Yes, it’s a deliberately trollish title.

But like PETA, Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma, spends a lot of time denouncing pork in a daily online publication he calls the “pork report”. But unlike PETA, who’s naked activism is quite welcomed in my sight, I daresay Coburn should keep his wrinkly old ass clothed.

I am inspired by this NPR report and then outraged by Coburn’s spokesman’s amazingly boorish, lunkheaded, and intellectually deficient response:

John Hart, a Coburn spokesperson, said in an email that “our report never claimed all the money was spent on shrimp on a treadmill. The scientists doth protest too much. Receiving federal funds is a privilege, not a right. If they don’t want their funding scrutinized, don’t ask.”

 I decided to look at what Coburn thinks is improper government spending in his daily pork report.

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2011 August 23 at 8:47 pm

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