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Documents from the latest round of #Bitorrent lawsuits

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On 2010 September 3, three complaints were filed in court by three pornography studios against about 100 BitTorrent file-sharers each. These complaints alleged copyright infringement. You can see some coverage on Slashdot.

Using PACER (a shitty ass system run by the Courts that retrieves court documents) and RECAP (an awesome equivalent service), I downloaded each case’s Exhibit A, which lists the IPs and ISPs of the alleged infringers, the date on which the alleged infringement occurred, and the filename. Sadly the info-hash nor the BitTorrent tracker was listed so without lots of legwork, I can’t tell you which trackers were being targeted by these studios.

Anyways, here are the documents, via and RECAP. You want the document labeled Exhibit A:

More on PACER and RECAP after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


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2010 September 5 at 11:51 am

Webster v. Reproductive Health Services

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What the fuck? This decision is messed up. I only wrote it here so I can make some sense of it. There are five separate opinions.

  • Majority opinion by Rhenquist (joined in parts to be described later)
  • Concurrence by O’Connor
  • Concurrence by Scalia
  • Concurrence/Dissent by Blackmun, joined by Brennan and Marshall
  • Concurrence/Dissent by Stevens

Rhenquist’s opinion has parts I, II-A, II-B, II-C, II-D, III.

  • Part I: controlling, joined by White, O’Connor, Scalia, and Kennedy. (5)
  • Part II-A: controlling, joined by White, O’Connor, Scalia, and Kennedy. (5)
  • Part II-B: controlling, joined by White, O’Connor, Scalia, and Kennedy. (5)
  • Part II-C: controlling, joined by everybody (9)
  • Part II-D: joined by White and Kennedy, concurred in judgment by O’Connor and Scalia (5)
  • Part III: joined by White and Kennedy (3)

I think this is right. If I made a mistake, please leave a comment.

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2010 March 18 at 8:36 pm

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